DeAnna Brown

Emerging Artist - Acrylic on Canvas

About Me

I've always been drawn to traditional art on canvas. I admire how this form of artistry has the power to provide an escape to create and a space to explore my imagination.

I've been painting for 3 years now and my work has been showcased in four short films, two television sitcoms and two group art shows.

To support local art, I donate10% of all sales to FwdProgress A&E Center, Inc. 36-4765690

Art Career

I started my fine arts career during the ​2020 pandemic. As a producer and ​performing artist, I didn't have a ​creative outlet during this time. So on ​March 1st, I picked up a paint brush and ​a canvas and started my first painting, ​"Uno". On my birthday, May 14th, my ​nephew was struck and killed by a car. ​A few days later on my sister's birthday, ​May 20th, I presented her with "Uno" a ​14x16 abstract portrait that resembled ​of her beautiful son.

All prices by size on the last page.

Watercolor Paint Brush Stroke

5 Reasons you ​should buy my art.

  1. My art is unique and one-of-a-kind, ​so you can be sure that you won't ​find the same piece anywhere else.
  2. I use high-quality materials and ​methods to ensure that my art will ​last for a long time.
  3. My art is a great conversation piece, ​and it will brighten up any room.
  4. I have a wide selection of art that is ​sure to fit any style.
  5. By purchasing my art, you are ​supporting a local artist and helping ​to create more art for the world to ​enjoy.

All prices by size on the last page.

Art Gallery Exhibition

“Women Forward“ art exhibit

Blue Star Art Comlex

My Workshop

Some Unfinished Paintings

The First Mixed Media Painting I Made

Helpful Clutter

The Cities

"The Cities", is a series of fictitious skylines of future cities around the world.

The City

16 ​x 20

The Other City

11​ x 14

The Little City

8​ x 10

After trying ​different ​styles,

I pivoted to ​a more ​abstract ​genre.

Count it All Joy

24 X 36

24 x 36 Abstracts

Anything is Possible

2​4 X 36

On the Same Page

2​4 x 36

24 x 36 Abstracts

Tumeric & Trees

Circles In Life ​

Ki​nd of like Jamaica

24 x 36 Abstracts

Check out these two at

Upstage Comedy Club

Other Worlds

2​4 x 30

Blue City Dreams

2​4 x 30

24 x 36 Abstracts

Purple Mountain Majesty

24 x 30

For Every Mountain

24 x 30

24 x 36 Abstracts

Pieces of ​a Man

Guitar for​ Worship


8x 10 Abstracts

D Sunset

D Sprite

D Sunrise

St​op Killing Us

24 x 30 Abstracts

Wo​rk in Progress

Ci​ty Music

Sunset City

Peace Be Still

12 x 12 Abstracts

Three Trees

24 x 36 Abstracts

Out of this World​

Harmony & Hope

Those Blues​

12 x 16 Abstracts

Colored City


Vibranium Moons

Authentically Me

16 x 20 Abstracts


One Target

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Beautifully ​Black

Film & Art

@The Brick ​2021


& Black Jesus"

Art design for Film Sets
Featured in 2 short films 1 sitcom 1 television show and 1 television comedy
Outlined Square
At The Dream Archer Production Office
Blue City Dreams 36x24 acrylic on canvas
The RAYS Television Sitcom
The Ray s are an extremely talented and hilarious family working to overcome family dysfunction mental health problems while creating generational wealth through the Entertainment Industry Will they overcome How will they work together to break generational curses and change their future Is this a legitimate business establishment
Outlined Square
The Guitar series was painted to show the different genres of music and melody
Outlined Square
art on set with actress
These pieces were chosen to be in the movie because they were abstract and meaningful
Outlined Square
Spotting two paintings on set during a really dramatic scene
Art on Set
Guilt The Short Film
DeAnna was Co Art Director on this film as well as 2nd AD Guilt has won several awards on the film festival circuit

Open for








Price list

48​ x 60

Acrylic on Canvas

  • Original $5k-9k

24 x 36

Acrylic on Canvas

  • Original $1k-3k

14 x 18

Acrylic on Canvas

Original $500-$2K

8 x 10

Acrylic on Canvas

Original $100-$300

Ac​rylic on Canvas

  • Original $60-$80

4 x 4

20 x 1​6

Acrylic on Canvas

  • Original $1k-$2K

30​ x 40

Acrylic on Canvas

  • Original $2k-$4K

7 x 5

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  • Original $90-$150

14 x 11

Acrylic on Canvas

Original $600-$900

To support local art I donate 10 of all sales to FwdProgress A E Center Inc 36 4765690